Traffic Alert – Westbound 64 @ Popular Street Bridge – St. Louis

Area Delay I-55/70 and I-64 Westbound @ Popular Street Bridge

I-64 Lanes Subject To Closure near Stadium
Missouri Department of Highway – Live Camera View Available

Quick Notes!

1. Use of Cellphones in Ilinois is prohibited by law
2.Speeding in Construction Zone = Min $375 Fine

On the Illinois side, if you are traveling southbound I-55/70 from Collinsville, be aware there is ongoing construction just past Route 203/Madison/Gateway Motorsports Park. The area is posted 45mph, narrows, has a strange curve after cresting the construction zone, then dumps into more construction and finally merges with I-64 traffic. Let the locals who know better pay the potential $375 fine for speeding in a construction zone.SLOW DOWN!

Delays Crossing the Mississippi River @ St. Louis
I-64 over the Mississippi River, westbound has been experiences extremely slow traffic resulting in backups under normal circumstances. In particular, I-64 at from the stadium to about 15th ST will have at least one lane closed through October!During rush hour this webmaster suggests avoiding the area as it backs up into Illinois. The “upside” is a a nice view of the Arch as you are parked on the Popular Street Bridge.

If you are reading this while parked in traffic on the Popular Street Bridge consider merging to the I-55/I-44 South exit and then taking Kingshighway North back to I-64.

Westbound I-64 Alternatives Popular Street Bridget St. Louis, MO

Tune to KMOX 1120 for traffic Reports. This could save you a lot of trouble and help you decide which alternative works best for you. There are ways to get around this bottleneck IF your destination is a point further west of St. Louis.
WB I-64 at East St. Louis To Westbound I-70: Lambert Airport, St. Charles, Columbia, Kansas City, etc
If the Popular Street Bridge is backed up and you are committed but have not yet passed the Martin Luther King Bridge, divert to the MLK Bridge into St. Louis.  This works fines since the Martin Luther King Bridge puts you back on I-70 a few hundred yards after crossing the Mississippi River. Stay left and merge onto I-70. Be careful as Missouri is a NASCAR loving state and it shows. (There is not much traffic enforcement on the Interstate in St. Louis. Be aware that this is not the case once you pass Union Blvd on I-70. Between Jennings Station Rd and Lindbergh Blvd, I-70 is a speedtrap for every local municipality that has an offramp.)

From I-64 at East St. Louis To destinations South
You are probably in it for the ride unless you care to take the MLK bridge and negotiate downtown St. Louis to catch a ramp to Southbound I-55. Hopefully you found this BEFORE you got stuck because there are alternatives to avoid St. Louis altogether.

Heading South to Memphis, Little Rock, New Orleans, Oklahoma City?
If there is a report on KMOX of a parking lot on the Popular Street Bridge and you are in Collinsville, Caseyville, Troy or points east of Fairview Heights, TAKE I- 255 SOUTH and cross the Jefferson Barracks Bridge (FREE) to I-55 or if necessary I-270 if I-44 is your goal.

Heading West To Kanasas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno?
If in Collinsville, take I-255 NORTH aprox 5 miles to I-270 WEST and then takeI-270 to I-70. Note that I-270 cuts all the way to I-44 and via I-170 you can re-acquire I-64. There is some construction at the Mississippi River on the IL side of I-270, but currently no lane closures. I-270 can have it’s own challenges on the Missouri side during afternoon rush hour on the westbound side. Pay attention near I-170 if you want to go south to Creve Cour, University City, Brentwood, or Ladue as that segment of I-270 is dense with exits and the NASCAR state of mind prevails.

Just Stop, Relax, & Regroup in Collinsville, IL!

Finally, if you were Westbound on (I-70 near Troy) and turned South on I-55/70, drive to EXIT 11, (Collinsville, IL) and take a break to stretch your legs, fuel up, eat and safely plan your route further west. Getting back up to I-270 from I-255 at Collinsville is extremely easy and fast. At Exit 11, you will find every single kind of resource a traveler needs including darn near any kind of food, groceries, gas, diesel, hotels, motels and even entertainment.