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Collinsville’s City Hall

Families first!

The mission of this website that to help promote Collinsville, IL as a family community and a destination for businesses to choose. It is clear that there are a lot of resources which make Collinsville, Illinois a unique place to visit in the Metro East on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River near St. Louis. You can find just about anything you need here. Whether your goal is shopping, education, recreation, or just a quiet place to live, “Consider Collinsville” when exploring your next place to settle down.

An old town with a future!

If any new business addition showcases that the future is bright in Collinsville, it is the new Kohls on Beltline Rd. Where some towns see all their development end up on the outskirts of town, Kohls saw fit to build a new store in the center of a mature business and residential district. Although Collinsville does have those newer, peripheral retail developments, you can still find vibrant growth in the oldest parts of town. space!
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