Celebrate The Horseradish in Collinsville, IL!

Annual Party In the Horseradish Capital of the World!

June 1-3, 2012 International Horseradish Festival Collinsville, IL
International Horseradish Festival Collisnville, IL June 1-3 2012Collinsville, IL once again celebrates the horseradish and it’s distinction of being the Horseradish Capital of the World! Woodland Park will be turned into “Horseradish Central” from June 1, through June 3, 2012! This celebration focused on the spicy root we have all come to love and sweat, Armoracia rusticana! Horseradish was brought to the America’s back in the colonial days and both the root and leaves have been used as a condiment on meat. Some cultures have used the boiled root as a vegetable and of course there is nothing like fresh horseradish grated on a juicy piece of prime rib.

Collinsville, IL The Horseradish Capital of the World?!

Yup, many don’t know that 60% of the world’s horseradish is grown in Collinsville, IL! 80% of the world’s production of horseradish comes from the area between Collinsville and Cairo known as “Southern Illinois”. The first weekend of June is when the world comes to the world capital of the horseradish to celebrate this fine plant! Do not think that “international is an exaggeration. This annual festival draws people from all over the world!

All Ages Fun At The International Horseradish Festival!

The celebration of the horseradish at Collinsville, IL’s Woodland Park begins at 6PM on Friday, June 1, 2012. The opening ceremony starts at 6:45PM. Live music starts at 7PM and will play on till 10PM by “Jack’s High”, sponsored by Scott’s Credit Union. One fo the first activities to enhance your use of horseradish will be a root grinding demonstration at 7:45PM.

The International Horseradish Festival will include a variety of family fun activities including a Little Miss Horseradish pageant, horseradish root toss, root golf, root grinding, The Smash Band (Sat eve 7 to 10PM), and a lot of other cool events. Of course there will be all sorts of horseradish foods, products and crafts available. For adults that includes a Bloody Mary contest and for all, a “professional” recipe contest.

For complete details, check out the International Horseradish Festival website!